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Our Policy on Data Privacy

Estate Connoisseur recognizes the need to secure your personal information while we are rendering our services to you. This privacy policy will clearly explain how Estate Connoisseur collects, stores, uses, and processes your personal information once you decide to seek our expertise. We will also provide further assistance in helping you make informed decisions and better acquisitions.

Purpose of Collecting your Personal Information

Data collection allows us to deliver our professional services in line with different real estate projects and industry practices, which are deemed beneficial to prospective customers and community members. We are able to streamline our products and services for the clients through having a better understanding of their location choice, unit design preference, lifestyle and exact needs.

We may collect your personal information to help us perform the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the necessary details you may need as a real estate buyer, business development officer, lease, and seller
  • Render our professional services which you have requested, such as customer care services for unit acquisition, leasing of commercial spaces and promotion of any unit for rent
  • Provide information about our current and upcoming real estate projects
  • Engage in different business procedures which may be believed necessary to perform our professional duties and contract obligations as mandated by local regulations
  • Send out notices and advisories regarding our services and projects through email notifications and social media campaigns
  • Perform various marketing initiatives, including advertisements, surveys, customer recognition, and after-sales communication to potential buyers and website viewers

Acquisition of Information

When you sign up for an account or send us a request, you automatically allow us to receive your personal information using our contact forms and other communication details, which you may see from our site. Estate Connoisseur may get your personal information from the following online activities:

  • Filling up our online contact forms for both service request and inquiry
  • Accessing our official business website
  • Following our verified social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others)
  • Participating in our online surveys for research and service development
  • Sending us email communications inquiring about our products and services, upcoming promotions, service offers and third-party service providers
  • Subscribing to our newsletters, advertising pages, and digital offers
  • Seeking out new career opportunities with us or through other affiliated channels from our website

Estate Connoisseur may directly request your personal information or relevant details, such as:

  • Complete name
  • Permanent home or business address
  • Contact numbers (mobile numbers and telephone lines)
  • Email contact
  • Unit specifications preferred location and standard amenities
  • Financial statements (bank statements, loan records, and ITR records)
  • Preferred payment scheme (housing loan, direct cash or other payment options)

It is our responsibility to secure your personal information in a confidential manner. However, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 only covers all gathered personal information through online activities and not offline. Our official website maximizes the features of cookies, referring to non-identifiable information not directly shared with any other entities in order to enhance the user experience.

Cookies carry a small amount of data that is sent by our website to your browser, whether through a laptop or a mobile device. This information can be stored on your computer, but it can be accessed by our cloud servers. The information we may receive from cookies will allow us to monitor your online activities, so we can further improve our contents and ease of site navigation.

Consent to Personal Information

When you provide us your personal information through contact forms or email communications, you automatically grant us consent to collect, access, process, transfer and store your information, which may be used for our business operations. Our data collection method is sanctioned under the implementing rules and regulations of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and other national laws governing the processing of personal information.

Data Protection Methods

Estate Connoisseur has implemented different technical and security measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal details against data breach, unauthorized access, alteration, and unlawful destruction and falsified processing through the following:

  • Assigning a privacy officer to ensure our full compliance with existing laws governing the protection of data privacy in the Philippines
  • Restricting the access of your details and service terms to authorized employees only
  • Enforcing data encryption to protect all forms of information, such as contract terms, client profiles, payment details, and other sensitive information
  • Performing regular testing and audit of data security protocols

Data Retention

All personal details you have provided to us will be stored in our servers permanently unless we receive a written note requesting us to delete the information from you.

Disclosure of Information

We, at Estate Connoisseur, do not exchange, share, distribute, disclose, or transfer any of your personal information to individuals and organizations other than our employees and supervising officials. We may, however, extend such information to our consultants, business partners, affiliates, and third-party service providers when needed for the smooth operation of our business. We may also be directed to disclose such information when compelled by government authorities or when someone might be at risk of imminent threat.

Access to Personal Information

As our customer, you may access our secure records, review the stored data, and make necessary changes by sending a request to our designated privacy officer. If you feel upon review that the details provided to us is obsolete or incorrect, please call the attention of the assigned privacy officer to perform the appropriate amendments for you.

About our Policy

This privacy statement has become effective as of February 2020. We also reserve the right to make amendments to this policy at any given time, but we will make sure to keep you informed of the latest changes by sending out email notifications or by posting the updated version to our website.

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