Why The Suites At Gorordo Is A Good Investment For Doctors

The Suites at Gorordo: a Good Investment for Doctors

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City traffic has become a serious problem anywhere in Cebu, though there’s no apparent scarcity in any mode of public transportation. This can be possibly attributed to a lack of infrastructure, high population density, and most of all, the presence of economic activities throughout the entire Cebu landscape. And if you are a dedicated healthcare professional, you likely prefer not to get stuck in heavy traffic; otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of your medical appointments.

The Suites at Gorordo: An Iconic Development for the High-end Condo Lifestyle

The Suites at Gorordo, inspired by the crystalline design of Flatiron Building in New York, is perceived as one of the most recognizable landmarks in Cebu today. This iconic structure is best characterized by an artistically-sculpted gem-like shape, symbolizing the true nature and pride of every Cebuano.

The Suites at Gorordo is strategically located at Gorordo Avenue corner Archbishop Reyes Ave, Brgy.  Kamputhaw, which is just a few steps away from Ayala Center Cebu and other strategic commercial locations. Jose Siao Ling and Associates joined with H1 Architecture, designed the iconic masterpiece which has transformed the face of the condo lifestyle in Cebu.

Location of the showroom

What to Expect from the Suites at Gorordo?

The Suites at Gorordo is a modern 29-storey high-rise residential complex featuring 172 residential suites and more than 150 service suites equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and building security systems. The Residential Suites are designed to accommodate the specific needs of individuals and families aspiring for a complete high-end living experience in a contemporary home atmosphere. Whereas, the Service Suites from the 9th to 19th floor will be handled by Ascott Limited’s Somerset Serviced Residences, a prominent international brand for niche hospitality, combining hotel and apartment rental services in one roof.

Ascott Limited Somerset offers a broad range of hospitality services that include business services, airport transfer, 24/hour client help desk, laundry services, and conference room rentals among others. Residential suites, on the other hand, can be offered complete with bathroom fixtures, built-in closets, lavatory, kitchen counters, and storage rooms. Provisions for various home utilities, such as cable internet, telephone line, and garbage disposal area, are already included.

Reasons Why you Should Invest in the Suites at Gorordo

The Suites at Gorordo provides residents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a luxurious condo lifestyle with its remarkable combination of modern design touch and traditional home environment. Whether you select a residential suite or a serviced suite, you are guaranteed of spacious living areas and outstanding services that will definitely compliment your choice of urban lifestyle. Here are some of the Estate Connoisseur’s reasons why doctors, business professionals, and company executives should consider owning a condo unit from The Suites at Gorordo.

1. Convenient Access to Condo Amenities

Condo amenities are located on the eighth floor, where residents can spend some precious time in the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center, and comfortable changing rooms. A sky deck allows a breathtaking view of the surrounding cityscape while its mezzanine level provides an ample amount of space for function rooms and service offices.

2. Easy Access to Commercial and Institutional Buildings

The Suites at Gorordo are only a few steps away from Ayala Center Cebu and SM Cebu as well as different academic institutions, including USC North Campus, USC Montessori and University of the Philippines. If you are working as a doctor who doesn’t want to get late on appointments, this iconic residential complex can be your appropriate choice as the Suites at Gorordo sits close to Perpetual Succour Hospital, Chong Hua Hospital, Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital, and Visayas Community Medical Center. Your condo unit also enables you to generate a regular stream of income from rental fees.

3. Benefiting from The Service Residence-Owner Operation

Ascott Limited Somerset is a globally-recognized service provider that offers a vast range of hospitality services which combine hotel accommodation and apartment for lease services. This enables condo owners to enjoy higher operating profit since this service only requires lower maintenance expenses that are necessary for marketing and staff rotation.

4. Packed with Impressive Building Features

An individual lobby lounge is provided for both residential and service suites to minimize sound and traffic. Other essential building features include:

  • Backup electrical power
  • 24-hour building security with CCTV room
  • Fully functional fire alarm and smoke detection systems
  • Five-level parking from second to seventh-floor level
  • Provisions for business offices, service offices, and other functions
  • Condo amenities (8th floor)
  • For residential suites, studio type suites range between 36sqm and 41sqm of floor area. Prices start from Php 7.2 million to Php 8.5 million, inclusive of taxes and other charges.
  • Whereas, 1 BEDROOM Executive Suite measures between 54.3 sqm and 58sqm of floor area. Prices start from Php 11 million to Php 11.8 million.

However, if you are interested in getting larger condo units, you can settle for the two-bedroom “Premier” suite, which measures around 75 sqm. This executive suite is sold at Php 15.9 million, inclusive of taxes and other applicable charges.

Please be reminded that all prices are subject to change without prior notice.

5. Enhances your Earning Potential from Real Estate Investment

The main objective of putting your money in real estate is to generate enough personal income in order to pay off your mortgage obligations. The Suites at Gorordo offers flexible payment terms that can match your current financial capacity. Apart from this, lease agreements also allow you to generate additional income, which you may use some portion of it to settle your condominium fees and government contributions.

Investing in the Suites at Gorordo can significantly enhance your cash flow if you ever plan to rent out your unit while allowing you to access different amenities offered within the 29-storey structure. When investing here, clearly make up your decision whether you want to acquire a residential suite for rental purposes or only for leisure application. And the bright side is, you can always expect real estate market prices to soar high every year, allowing you to gain profit once you decide to sell your condo unit.

The Suites at Gorordo is a wise investment option you can pursue because the real estate value of condo units goes up, especially when business activities in Metropolitan Cebu keep growing. This elegant 29-storey residential complex is very near to everything from shopping centers to your preferred weekend getaway destinations.

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