Mandani Bay Sinulog FLuvial Parade 2020

Sinulog 2020: Fluvial Parade at Mandani Bay

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The beautiful fluvial procession of the Señor Santo Niño is one of the most important events of the Sinulog Festival, which often takes place on the second day of the annual festivity.

But the best view in the outstretched coastlines of Mactan Channel just got better for hundreds of Mandani Day residents. With a great vantage point from the mainland, Mandani Bay offered its loyal stakeholders, realtors, and condo owners an up-close view of the annual oceanic procession for free.

Mandani Bay show gallery in Sinulog 2020
Show gallery in Sinulog
Mandani Bay Show gallery 3 AM on Sinulog
3 AM in the morning January 18, 2020

The Mandani Bay Boardwalk is one of the best strategic spots to view the long, beautiful fluvial procession. And this viewing location is made exclusive by Mandani Bay as part of its full commitment to participate in the Fiesta Señor and annual observance of Sinulog festival in Cebu.

Entrance to Mandani Bay Boardwalk on Sinulog 2020
Entrance to Boardwalk on Sinulog 2020

Popular for its elegant viewing gallery and recreational Mandani Bay Tent, Mandani Day celebrated Sinulog Festival 2020 with a huge bang, featuring an evening full of fun for Filipino modern heroes and free viewing of the fluvial procession.

However, in its 3rd year, Mandani Bay exhibited a marvelous fireworks display alongside astounding cultural shows on top of its stunning view of the fluvial procession. While waiting for the Señor Santo Niño, Mandani Bay residents and stakeholders witnessed a series of entertaining cultural dances and singing from different performers, street dancers, and beaters. The viewing gates opened at 4:30 AM though the exciting fluvial parade began at 6 AM.

1 hour before the Sinulog 2020 Fluvial Parade
Sinulog 2020 Mandani Bay Fluvial Parade Fireworks

A Balikbayan Night Full of Spectacular Cultural Shows

The Balikbayan Night is hosted to honor the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as well as Filipinos who decided to come home for the Sinulog Festival. Held last January 14, The OFW homecoming displayed the enriched cultural lifestyle of the Cebuanos apart from the extravagant show of local food delicacies and traditional street dancing.

Exclusive Viewing of the Fluvial Procession

Mandani Bay granted all its stakeholders an exclusive viewing pass of the colorful fluvial procession last January 18, 2020 at Mandani Bay Show Gallery in Mandani Bay, F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City. The much-awaited fluvial procession of the Señor Santo Niño served as the main highlight of the Sinulog Festival, showcasing solemnity and glistening festivity passing through the entire Mandani Bay Boardwalk.

People cheered and performed the Sinulog dance in the greeting of the Señor Santo Niño as it passed through the historical Mactan Channel. Devotees and watchers arrived at the viewing destination an hour earlier as the first bridge at Lapu Lapu City, which connects the city to Mandaue, was scheduled for closure.

Each homeowner including us at Estate Connoisseur was given one free ticket that would allow five people to join him while organizers of Mandani Bay provided sufficient chairs, snacks, and viewing tents for the on-lookers. Food booths were also provided which allowed guests to select among varieties of sumptuous meals and refreshments while those with private invitation cards were given free snacks, coffee, and water.

Before the reception area, small flags were provided to the parade participants upon submitting the free tickets. These colorful flags were raised while the wonderful fluvial procession was cruising along the vast waterfront.

Completing the must-see fluvial procession would include a series of interesting religious activities that people could attend for three straight days. These Sinulog festivities included the Penitential Walk with Mary, held last January 17, together with Traslacion Motorcade and Sinulog 2020 Festival Queen Coronation night later in the evening. Dramatic cultural shows, fireworks display, and free concerts were also part of the Sinulog festival after people attended the solemn religious activities earlier on each day.

The parade would be concluded by a fantastic display of musical fireworks at Cebu City Sports Center before the Sinulog festival ended.

Discovering Perfect Leisure within the Waterfront Ground

Mandani Bay is a grand 20-hectare waterfront township project enclosing a number of high-rises, mixed-use buildings with breathtaking views of the coastline and nearby cityscapes. This prestigious master-planned community is built within a lifestyle of interconnected walkways, private amenities, special facilities, and parking links. Towering residential buildings erect beautifully on each of the feature-rich podium blocks while building facades showcase unique shopfront designs facing the boardwalk.

Mandani Bay enhances comfortable driving throughout the waterfront development through its wide and connected parking spaces and driveways that effectively link one building to another. A 300-meter Green Promenade cuts through the center of the massive land development, providing residents a greater sense of peace while promoting an active lifestyle and family time.

The captivating views of the boardwalk encourage relaxation and excitement among the residents. Combining leisure, adventure, and heritage, Mandani Bay has set new criteria for urban development of modern lifestyle in the country.

The Sinulog grand parade was the most anticipated event among several planned activities in this month-long celebration, which held last January 19 and started at Cebu City Sports Center. And the thrilling fluvial procession viewing was just one of the remarkable gifts given by Mandani Bay for its long-term clients and supporters.

Photo at Mandani Bay's Backdrop
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