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Mandani Bay: A Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Cebu, Philippines

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The City of Mandaue solidifies itself as the next fast-growing condominium development hub in the Island of Cebu today. In support of Cebu’s tourism and business growth, there are several high-rises, mixed-use condominiums popping up everywhere and one of them is the Mandani Bay Waterfront Development.

An Iconic Development with a Seamless Touch of Modern Architecture

Mandani Bay: Seamless-Touch-Of-Modern-Architecture

Mandani Bay is a prestigious 20-hectare waterfront development aesthetically designed with pulsating culture, remarkable water features and a living heritage at the center of a modern community. Strategically built along the historical Mactan Channel, Mandani Bay features luxurious residential towers erecting from podium blocks interconnected with footbridges, multi-level parking facilities, a massive tree line development, and a 500-meter water frontage, bringing the subtleness of nature closer to you.

The master-planned community also encloses multiple residential structures, office condominiums, a condominium-hotel, and signature retail shops, all surrounded by expansive lifestyle areas. What makes Mandani Bay entirely different from other mixed-use developments in the presence of large-scale communal spaces including the 300-meter Green Promenade, massive boardwalks and the main boulevard by which all are specifically designed for leisure activities. If you have been thinking where to put some of your hard-earned money, you might want to consider investing on Mandani Bay as one of your options.

Reasons Why Real Estate is a Good Investment

When you invest in real estate, you may benefit by enjoying higher rates of return and several tax advantages. You may earn a passive income, established an impressive investment portfolio, or saved your profit for retirement. Real estate investments enable you to make use of other people’s money to pay off your initial investment and government dues through rental fees while improving your regular stream of income per month. Here are the compelling reasons why real estate is still considered a worthy investment.

1. Increased Monthly or Annual Cash Flow

The primary benefit of any real estate investment is its capacity to generate income which you can utilize to pay off your mortgage obligations. In fact, the generated revenue can be sufficient enough to offset your government taxes, condominium fees, and mortgage dues while still giving you some extra money for personal expenses. Your current cash flow will definitely improve over time until you finish paying off the mortgage, and then you can utilize the extra income to pursue another investment.

2. Diversity of Investments Brings Financial Stability

Any smart investor will try to reduce the risk of his investment portfolio by diverting the funds to other forms of securities and assets. Financial experts often advise that investments should be diverse and all your hard-earned money should not be allocated in one basket. If you invest in real estate, you are able to control the volatility of other “high-risk” securities which may significantly reduce the overall risk of your portfolio and still providing you with more financial stability. This strategy would ensure that a portion of your tangible assets could perform well despite the presence of possible threats of economic downturn whether influenced by internal or external market forces.

The potential risk never changes in intangible assets, and you don’t have full control over the factors that may affect your investment. Unlike in stocks and securities, when the housing market improves, so does the value of your acquired property which is then converted to increased equity.

3. Continuous Increment of Real Estate Value

Regardless of location, real estate value will continue to increase over time as economic development is inevitable anywhere you go. It is true that the longer you manage your real estate, the more money you can make when you decide to sell it. As financial advisers say, a real estate investment is a valuable tangible asset that can mitigate the risk of “soft” investments. You can always expect a guaranteed return from real estate investments because any drop of home appreciation only happens temporarily.

4. Enjoying the Tax Benefits

This is the main reason why people are motivated to pursue real estate investments. Real estate investments allow you to maximize the tax benefits provided under federal tax laws. Tax reductions are granted in numerous forms such as mortgage interests, property cash flow, operating cost, property taxes and other allowable expenses that can be deducted from your annual gross rental income, thus leaving you lower tax rates to pay.

5. Creation of Long-term Wealth

You can generate wealth in due time when you invest in strategically-located real estate developments. The prevailing value of your property increases while your mortgage obligations gradually decrease through regular payments of monthly amortization. To make this simple, you can amass wealth by combining property value appreciation and continuous reduction of mortgage financing.

The difficulty in converting any tangible asset into cash or vice versa is the main drawback of real estate investment. Unlike stocks and securities, real estate transactions will take months to accomplish or close a deal even with the assistance of a brokerage firm. Still, real estate is an extraordinary asset that can enormously improve your risk-and-return investment profile.

Real Estate and AirBnB


What comes into your mind when talking about Airbnb? Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast) is a popular online lodging business that is combined with traditional and short-term property management schemes. The online lodging platform offers local and international clients (referring to homeowners) an alternative income-generating rental system from their unoccupied residential units or while they are on vacation.

People are now investing in real estate developments, hoping that they can earn either from creating long-term lease arrangements or signing up an Airbnb account. Airbnb provides the necessary assistance to property owners in renting out their available residential apartments, flats, and unoccupied rooms to potential tourists and tenants. Occupancy rate is usually influenced by several contributing factors including room size, property amenities, security protocols, tax increase and rental fees being imposed by the owners. The great thing about Airbnb is that residential owners are able to screen the potential clients, customize the rental schedules or respond to any guest inquiry without any need to meet them personally.

Is Mandani Bay for the Rich People Only?

Benjamin Diokno quote to invest in the Philippines

Mandani Bay Waterfront Development is primarily composed of residential structures with office components and retail establishments all combined to form a modernized, master-planned urban setup, perfect for middle and high-income earners. The key feature of this spacious residential complex is the 300-meter Green Promenade running across the vast landscape and breathtaking sea views.

Apart from studio-type and bedroom units at the lower floors, the residential towers also feature several highly customized units such as garden duplexes, stylish townhouses, high-ceiling lofts, and upscale penthouses. Interestingly, the latest development phase will feature three extravagant residential towers and an office condominium sitting on one block. There are pre-selling and introductory prices available which you may settle up to 48 months, and you can save as much as 50% price difference compared to ready-to-move-in condominium units. Indeed, this nature-inspired, master-planned community can accommodate thousands of individuals from different walks of life.

The condominium units of Mandani Bay can be purchased in various payment options. You can enjoy 25% of the contract price as down payment, which is payable up to 48 months with no interest. Unit prices range between Php 3.1 million and Php 17 million depending on building location, scenic view and flat size. Interested buyers may choose among studio-type, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom condo units with sizes ranging from 29.75 sq.m to 102 sq.m.

The Mandani Bay Waterfront Development is one solid testament suggesting that Cebu is now becoming a world-class leisure destination in the Philippines.

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  1. I have a few condos for resale at Mandani in Quay towers 1 and 2. If you are able to work hard and connect with buyers, contact me so we can work out something to get you paid to sell them.



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