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Who is Delmer "DB" Tillo?

A curious and open minded person, who loves Scuba Diving, Dogs, roadtrips, listening to podcasts & watching YouTube.

I come from a poor family in the province.

The most important thing in my life is my personal relationship with God, moral values & respect for the elders and authorities. I’m a curious and open minded person but also believe in good values and integrity in doing business. 

Warm, caring, loving & trustworthy person

I love Dogs, Scuba Diving, road trips with friends, love ones, listening to podcasts & watching YouTube.

I share a very special bond with all my friends, family and clients. I love dogs and currently have 5 Yorkies, Trixie, Diesel, Lulu, Roma, and Roxie. People I meet will always wanted to share their thoughts on me and I give them undevided attention. I am passionate in helping people to find solutions to their problems.

Advocacy as a Scuba Diver

DB Scubasurero Cebu

I have completed my bachelors degree in Nursing and is a Licensed Nurse in Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room. During weekends, I help protect the ocean by doing Scubasurero. 


BNI Cebu Philippines Investment Chapter

BNI Member
Delmer DB Tillo

My aim in life is to serve people without any expectation. I live in the mantra, Givers gain: if you help others win business, they will also help you win business. The natural law of reciprocity. 

Exceptional service

Who is Dale Basilla?

Working as an SEO

I started to work permanently online at first as a content writer and ventured working and focusing on SEO months later.

Created A Blog

I created a blog website helping freelancers and virtual assistants hoping to guide or help them in the start of their career as a part time or full time working at home.

Venturing Into Real Estate

Dale Basilla

I started venturing into real estate as another stream of income. Fascinated by it, I got my own condo as well.

Founder of HOWPO and Be Visible Media

Aiming to be the best I can be and learning continuously for continuous growth.

The Mandani Bay Diferrence

Mandani Bay: An Urban Architecture with a Twist of Cultural Heritage

Mandani Bay Waterfront Development is a premium 20-hectare mixed-use complex strategically located in Mactan Channel, Mandaue City, Cebu. The master-planned community, a joint venture of Hong Kong Land and Taft Properties, is truly inspired by adventure, culture and water.

Mandani Bay occupies a waterfront site, which forms part of a 190-hectare reclamation project, with an eye-catching location between Mactan Island, home of Cebu International Airport, and Cebu Business Park, a major commercial zone in the region. The massive residential complex will be developed in numerous phases and is estimated to be completed after 10 years.

Mandani Bay is primarily consist of towering residential structures enveloped with modern offices and retail shops at the podium block, all combined to create an outstanding urban community. But the highlight feature of Mandani Bay is the 500-meter waterfront and boardwalks where it boasts a number of cultural spaces, restaurants and lush greenery.

The land developer has carefully mapped out the waterfront site ensuring that each phase would complement the rest of the components. Crone adapted several benchmark elements across the residential development that include sun shading, continuous air flow, convenient spacing between structures and environmental sustainability.

The prestigious residential structures rise from podium blocks interconnected by parking links, footbridges, retail establishments, and a tree line central pathway to strike the right proportion between nature and density. Aside from the sweeping 500-meter waterfront, Mandani Bay also features the 300-meter Green Promenade resting in the middle of the development to create a distinctive connection between nature and modern lifestyle.

Mandani Bay Suites will feature two high-rise residential towers with at least 1,200 condominium units carrying studio-type, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. These residential blocks will also comprise loft spaces, penthouses and garden duplexes by which all units can provide investors breathtaking views. The towers are scheduled to be accomplished in 2020. Mandani Bay Quay Tower 1 is currently on pre-selling and the Quay Tower 2 will be launched soon.

Mandani Bay occupies part of Cebu metropolitan area surrounded with neighboring developed cities including Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City. Mandaue City has an estimated population of 330,000 in an area of 2,518 ha having a density of 13,000 per km2.

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